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Cloud Security for Startups

Konekti is the partner of choice for startups looking to secure public cloud workloads. We help businesses elevate their security posture through industry best practices in designing and operating secure cloud infrastructure.

Konekti Systems helps startups develop and implement secure cloud infrastructure, enabling them to securely connect users and workloads running across diverse locations.

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As a startup ourselves, we have the flexibility to tailor our services to meet the needs of startups that must rapidly scale their operations and infrastructure. Our culture mirrors that of our clients which positions us to seamlessly engage with our clients.
Create infrastructure for secure cloud transformation

Create the infrastructure and automation solutions to protect critical data wherever it may be, as it moves between the traditional Data Center, the Public Cloud and SaaS applications.

Extend security to the mobile workforce

Enable businesses to easily secure access to network resources, cloud environments, and business applications, with seamless and highly intuitive cloud-based solutions.

Follow the continous security model

Follow the continuous security model by protecting applications throughout the development pipeline to eventual deployment

Simplify cloud compliance

Implement policies, procedures, processes and systems to satisfy internal and external compliance requirements

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