Account separation provides a hard boundary that is ideal for isolating production workloads from development and test workloads. Konekti’s Multi-account Accelerator solution helps organizations meet their compliance needs by implementing a secure and compliant multi-account environment. The solution follows AWS’ Well-architected framework complete with appropriate security and compliance guardrails, including the following features:

  • Overall AWS account organization guidance involving a master account and separate function specific accounts (i.e., Development/Q&A/Production), designed according to unique business and compliance requirements

  • Implementation of AWS Organizations service complete with best-practice Service Control Policies (SCP)

  • Use of dedicated security/audit accounts for centralized logging 

  • Configuration of relevant AWS compliance and security tools—Security Hub, GuardDuty, Inspector, IAM Analyzer and Config—for all accounts

  • Centralized Identity management using AWS SSO or integration with an external identity provider

  • Enforcement of tagging policies across multiple cloud tenants 

Konekti makes the creation and management of multi-account AWS environments seamless and cost effective through a well-designed delivery process that includes the following phases:


In the initial stage of the project, Konekti brings your team together for a requirement gathering and discovery workshop to identify key requirements, concerns and constraints. As part of the planning phase, Konekti will provide a Technical Requirements Document (TRD) to be reviewed and approved.

Design and Implementation

Once the initial assessment and requirement gathering is completed and approved, Konekti works closely with your teams to design the account changes required. After the completion of the design, Konekti will provide you a High-Level Design (HLD) document that clearly defines the required changes upon which a deployment plan can be created. At this stage, Konekti will perform the deployment and the configuration of the new AWS environment. The goal is a deployment strategy with zero down-time for the applications.

Handover and Knowledge Transfer

Once your environment has been built according to best practices, Konekti hands it over to your team including a detailed walk-through and comprehensive documentation. In addition, Konekti consultants can provide knowledge transfer upon completion of all the tasks identified above. The sessions will include a description of the as-built environment and a transfer of information on how to manage and operate the environment. 

Konekti helps its customers differentiate and disrupt by architecting, implementing, and managing AWS Cloud solutions that underpin and drive innovation in their business. Konekti blends the best of enterprise IT with the latest cloud strategies and techniques so that you can focus on your core business.

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