AWS account auditing helps in assessing the health of an AWS account and evaluate your month on month AWS spent. It also makes it easier to understand the security and reliability of the environment. Konekti’s team of AWS experts conduct the audit with help of specialized tools and provide comprehensive and actionable read out of an AWS account. Cloud-based compliance offers a lower cost of entry, easier operations, and improved agility, by providing more oversight, security control, and central automation.

How It Works

Konekti’s AWS Well-Architected Audit solution provides assurances based on the five pillars of AWS Well-Architected framework:

  • Security

  • Operational excellence required to deliver business value

  • Reliability and ability to quickly recover from failures

  • Performance efficiency

  • Cost optimization

Please note that the final deliverable could be customized based on your unique requirement.

What Konekti Will Deliver

Engagement Kick-off

Konekti’s AWS certified experts work with your team to understands design/architectural considerations in your AWS environment.

Audit Execution

Konekti will conduct a comprehensive audit of your AWS infrastructure covering the following areas:


  • Network and infrastructure security

  • Identity and access control

  • Data protection and encryption

  • Governance and compliance

  • Application visibility

  • Logging, monitoring and SIEM

  • Host /OS vulnerability and configuration analysis

  • CI/CD pipeline audit for best practices around security

  • Container deployment security best practices

  • Optional: penetration testing

Network Architecture

  • Multi-cloud and hybrid network architecture best practices

  • Branch and user access for security and reliability

  • Audit of usage of various CSP provided constructs (Transit Gateway, VPC Peering and PrivateLink)

Performance and Cost Optimization

  • Cost saving recommendations (Reserved/On-Demand/Spot Instances.)

  • Guidance on automation tools to optimize cloud spend and increase operational efficiencies

Audit Report Generation

Based on the results of the audit, Konekti will provide an audit report that includes the following components:

  • How your AWS architecture scales against design principles of AWS Well-Architected framework

  • How your AWS deployment complies with best practices on design considerations

  • Practical Recommendations in order to achieve compliance with AWS Well-Architected framework

Konekti has been working for years with businesses to architect, build and manage their AWS environment.  Sorted by service and severity your team will gain visibility into the most critical security issue in your account with helpful recommendations and remediation so they can address the problem fast. Konekti’s

Well-Architected audit will help you achieve consistent operation and compliance by making sure that your AWS environment is built according to industry’s most rigorous best practices.

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