VPC Ingress Routing Diagram

VPC Ingress Routing – Reducing the Friction in Integrating Security Appliances

Designing cloud infrastructures that include security appliances for traffic inspection is easier following Amazon’s introduction of a feature called VPC Ingress Routing. In this article and accompanying video, I’ll examine the feature and how you can use it to force inbound traffic though security appliances. Companies that operate in highly regulated environments frequently require security […]


Why SASE is Making VPNs Obsolete

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a new enterprise technology category introduced by Gartner in 2019. SASE converges the functions of network and security point solutions into a unified, global cloud-native service. Because SASE has become such a hot buzzword, many vendors have slapped the term SASE onto their offerings without truly providing the upside […]


Why the European Union Network Information Security (NIS) Directive should be on your Radar

Irrespective of whether you or your organization is based in the European Union or not, if you are concerned about cybersecurity risks, the NIS directive should be on your radar – literally! What is NIS you may wonder? It’s the EU Network Information Security (NIS) Directive that has been passed into member state law this […]