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  • Decoding 'Bring Your Own IP' Preview for AWS VPC

    Aug 12, 2018 | by Jeff Loughridge

    In Werner Vogels’s keynote at the AWS NYC Summit, he announced the preview release of Bring Your Own IP Address. The VPC feature allows customers to use IP addresses they own as public addresses in the VPC. Is it hard to grasp what exactly this means and how it benefits AWS customers? Before delving in, let’s take a step back and examine public and private IP addresses in the VPC.

    Private IP Addresses in the VPC

    When you create a VPC, you specify a Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR) range for private intra-VPC, inter-VPC (in the case of VPC Peering), and VPC-to-site connectivity. Prior to 2017, you had to carefully select a right-s...

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  • For those who follow public cloud, summer is the season of AWS Summits in the U.S. The Amazon Web Services Channel on YouTube posted the playlists for the DC Public Sector Summit and New York Summit. Konekti had several representatives at the Public Sector Summit and I discussed it in a previous post. We did not make it to the New York Summit as we did in 2017. Based on the feedback I’ve received, it sounds like the event was impressive.

    You can watch the DC Public Sector playlist at the below link.

    AWS Public Sector Summit 2018 - Washington, DC

    Click on this link for the N...

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  • Konekti at the AWS Public Sector Summit

    Jun 26, 2018 | by Jeff Loughridge

    Amir and I represented Konekti at the AWS Public Sector Summit in DC last week. What a great event! I’ve enjoyed the summit events as they aren’t as hectic as the annual re:Invent conferences. We had the opportunity to chat with people we know in the public cloud community as well as meet new people. I thought I’d use this post to share some pictures and thoughts on the event.

    AWS Summits are typically free to attend. You can’t beat the value given the quality of the talks and opportunities for professional networking. The public sector summit cost a mere $150 for people who are not employed by the federal, state, or local governments.

    The Walter E. Washington Convention Center was an excellent venue for the event. Although the crowd was...

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  • An AWS CloudFormation YAML Validator Using Lambda

    May 06, 2018 | by Jeff Loughridge

    AWS Lambda is an incredibly useful platform for rapidly developing web-based tools. How fast and easy can developers advance from a concept to a production service? With a little bit of javascript in the front end with Lambda as the backend, the pace is very fast. In this post, I’l describe the components of a Lambda app I wrote called AWS CloudFormation

    The web is replete with simple, web-based tools to assist developers. These tools do one thing and do it well. For example, I frequently need to tune an Xpath expression when developing router automation. I use Simple Xpath Online Xpath Tester. When cranking out Ansible playbooks, I always have ...

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  • The Value of AWS PrivateLink

    Apr 09, 2018 | by Amir Tabdili

    A few years ago I had a great business idea…or at the least I thought I did. Like many ideas, it started with a conversation about something unrelated. One of my colleagues had developed an Ansible-based tool intended to automate deployment of new configurations to hundreds of routers and switches. I wanted to see if the same Ansible tool could be used in the AWS cloud where we had our test topology. Then came the idea: Why not create a more generalized business for “Network Automation as a Service” in AWS? We could have the most repeated configuration tasks sold or rented as blocks (Ansible Playbooks) and allow users to pay for usage of these automation “blocks”. Since the conversation was in the context of routers and switches my initial thoughts were around a service that focused on networking devices, whether in the cl...

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