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Creating Global VPC Infrastructure in Minutes

Mar 12, 2019 | by Jeff Loughridge

Amazon encourages companies to stop spending money on undifferentiated heavy lifting. As a developer or solution architect, you should take the same approach with respect to the time you invest in learning and experimenting with new AWS services and new architectures. Why spend time configuring VPCs with basic infrastructure rather than focusing on the higher level components that interest you? I recently wrote a LinkedIn post called Elevating Your AWS Proficiency Usi...

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The Reality of Hybrid IT for the Enterprise

Feb 27, 2019 | by Jeff Loughridge

Looking back over the last several years, we’ve seen we’ve seen considerable hype surrounding companies going “all-in” on the public cloud. Large companies such as Capital One and Netflix are industry leaders in this respect and deservingly so. The effort involved is monumental and its effect on IT consumption within those organizations is transformational. For the majority of the enterprises, I believe that a “cloud-first where possible” strategy is the right move for the...

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Amazon provided infrastructure architects a transformative VPC component in its November 2018 introduction of the AWS Transit Gateway (TGW). The TGW can be used to simplify previously complex and management-intensive architectures such as those involving Transit VPCs. In this post, I’ll use terraform to create a full mesh of connectivity between four VPCs in a single region. Wouldn’t using the TGW to implement an inter-region VPC full mesh be more useful? Definitely. At t...

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AWS provides the mechanisms to create VPC designs that run the gamut of the complexity spectrum. You can deploy your application in a single VPC with only public subnets. Other applications may be better suited to a collection of VPCs with both public and private subnets. You can use VPCs as building blocks for large-scale distributed applications, a design decision that requires VPCs to communicate to one another. In this post, I’ll examine a VPC design pattern in w...

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Simple VPC Peering with Terraform

Jan 28, 2019 | by Jeff Loughridge

At Konekti, we’ve observed that many of our clients prefer to use terraform to create AWS infrastructure. We understand this choice. Terraform’s cross-platform nature and use of modules make it very flexible and easy to adopt. The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how easy it is to create two VPCs and then create a VPC peering connection between them. You can find a number of posts on the Internet about VPC peering using terraform. Why write another? I want to be abl...

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