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AWS provides the mechanisms to create VPC designs that run the gamut of the complexity spectrum. You can deploy your application in a single VPC with only public subnets. Other applications may be better suited to a collection of VPCs with both public and private subnets. You can use VPCs as building blocks for large-scale distributed applications, a design decision that requires VPCs to communicate to one another. In this post, I’ll examine a VPC design pattern in w...

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Simple VPC Peering with Terraform

Jan 28, 2019 | by Jeff Loughridge

At Konekti, we’ve observed that many of our clients prefer to use terraform to create AWS infrastructure. We understand this choice. Terraform’s cross-platform nature and use of modules make it very flexible and easy to adopt. The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how easy it is to create two VPCs and then create a VPC peering connection between them. You can find a number of posts on the Internet about VPC peering using terraform. Why write another? I want to be abl...

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Reclaiming AWS Elastic IP Addresses

Dec 28, 2018 | by Jeff Loughridge

Humans err. In working on AWS infrastructure, performing tasks in the Console clearly leaves room for mistakes. Even carefully crafted automation can contain defects. In this post, I’ll describe a feature AWS offers that you can use when you accidentally release Elastic IP (EIP) assigned to your account. I discussed the importance of fixed IP addresses in the VPC in a previous post. Fixed IP addresses in the VPC are called EIPs. You can perform four actions on EIPs. ...

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Linux Instance with GUI Using CloudFormation

Dec 25, 2018 | by Jeff Loughridge

In testing various virtual appliances on the AWS Marketplace, we realized that having an EC2 instance with a GUI helps in experimenting with the features of the appliances. We can use the GUI to manage the appliance on an inside interface as many appliances are GUI-centric. Another use is testing web traffic filtering with an appliance serving as a web proxy. While there are alternatives that we could use (SSH tunneling comes to mind), we find that the GUI is more conveni...

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Developers typically do not have a background as network engineers. While Amazon has done yeoman’s work in simplifying the network components of the VPC, the fundamental nature of networking in application delivery is such that developers will never be completely relieved from network-related considerations. A basic component of networking is the use of IP addresses to uniquely identify a host. In this post, I’ll discuss the response an Amazon engineer’s response to my que...

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