The Journey Begins

Corporate IT infrastructure is in the midst of a massive transformation. While investments in physical “on-prem” infrastructure will not completely subside for the foreseeable future, the majority of enterprises are sold on the benefits of the public cloud. The cloud is no longer solely the domain of start-ups and high tech entities. Just as laptops without network connectivity are glorified paperweights, the success of cloud workloads are wholly dependent on a networking strategy that seamlessly moves bits within the cloud and cloud to external endpoints such as your customers and corporate sites.

Nicholas Carr’s seminal 2003 article IT Doesn’t Matter described a world in which IT is consumed as a public utility, clearly a notion that has materialized. Let’s consider this metaphor. For traditional public utilities, the efficient and reliable distribution of the service is fundamental. For IT, the method of transport is the network rather than electric wires or water pipes. Ensuring data networking is implemented securely, redundantly, and reliably is vital to the business that is using this new utility.

We’ve observed a gap in cloud deployment as we talk to enterprise IT leaders. Access to internal and external expertise for applications, databases, and servers abound. One typical scenario we encounter is a developer-focused cloud migration. These developers are often highly talented and senior-level. They revel in the ability to use APIs to control cloud networking elements, thus eliminating waiting for days or weeks for the network team to make a firewall or VLAN change when the infrastructure is on-prem. Yet the need for cloud-aware network architects who can interconnect components within the cloud, cloud to cloud, and cloud to site in a manner that ensures business continuity is needed.

We started Konekti Systems to help clients fill this gap. With 40+ combined years of large-scale networking in hand, we know how distributed systems function at scale. We’ve helped design and engineer massive networks with global reach. We and our team know both the traditional networking model and the “cloudy” model. The two cannot be disaggregated. In addition, we’ve been automating networks for years on physical hardware and have added cloud automation to our collective repertoire in recent years.

We’ll use this blog to contribute useful information on networking in the cloud to the community. We hope you find its contents helpful in learning how to effectively implement cloud networks.

At Konekti, our journey has begun. We’re elated at the reception we’ve gotten from our early clients. But our recent inception is not the point of this article. What we intend to convey our ability to help with your journey into this new world. As IT decision-makers, the business risks fall solely on your shoulders. Consider contacting us even if only want to bounce ideas off us. We aim to build trust-based relationships with potential clients and other members of the cloud ecosystem.

You can use this form or call us directly at (703) 852-5160. We look forward to our interactions.

Jeff Loughridge & Amir Tabdili
Konekti Systems Co-Founders