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Konekti's Take on re:Invent 2018

Dec 15, 2018 | by Amir Tabdili

re:Invent 2018 was a blast! It’s great to have an event in which so many members of the AWS ecosystem assemble each year. This was my second re:Invent conference. I am impressed at the logistical improvements Amazon made. With so many attendees, it’s definitely a challenge navigating the events. I highly recommend attending the chalk talks as these are not recorded. The most relevant announcements from what we do at Konekti follow. Shared VPCs - You can now share comp...

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AWS announced massive enhancements to its core networking capabilities at re:Invent 2017. Inter-region VPC peering, PrivateLink, and the Network Load Balancer topped the list a year ago. Predicting that significant change is in store for networking at re:Invent 2018 doesn’t require clairvoyance. At Konekti, we have many opportunities to talk to AWS customers at various events and our own client base. Customers want simplification of networking within the cloud and cloud to...

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Are You Using the AWS Default VPC? Stop now!

Nov 08, 2018 | by Jeff Loughridge

In the beginning, the EC2 team in Cape Town, South Africa developed a flat IP network for EC2 instances. Hypervisor-based firewalls separated tenants. Without any way to summarize IP addresses, the network admins’ had a difficult task ensuring developers could reach the instances. The year 2009 ushered in the VPC and the networking components that have underpinned the amazing cloud architecture patterns we have today. The introduction of the VPC was accompanied by the defa...

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The Shared Network Infrastructure VPC

Oct 13, 2018 | by Jeff Loughridge

Are you uneasy about the way your team manages your VPCs with CloudFormation? As we work with our clients to automate AWS infrastructure, we encourage them to follow established best practices to avoid the painful lessons that beget these recommendations. The belief that your public cloud infrastructure has unique requirements that deviate from AWS’s recommendation is incorrect more often than not. I will highlight a practice that we recommend: the shared network infrastru...

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The online publication The Information reported in mid-July 2018 that AWS was preparing to sell white box switches with built-in connectivity to its cloud offerings. The rumor depressed Cisco stock and triggered a call from Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins to AWS CEO Andy Jassy. AWS confirmed a Cisco spokeman’s statement that AWS is “not actively building a commercial network switch.” While this statement may be true, I suspect that AWS does have plans to breach enterprise data cen...

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