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The Value of AWS PrivateLink

Apr 09, 2018 | by Amir Tabdili

A few years ago I had a great business idea…or at the least I thought I did. Like many ideas, it started with a conversation about something unrelated. One of my colleagues had developed an Ansible-based tool intended to automate deployment of new configurations to hundreds of routers and switches. I wanted to see if the same Ansible tool could be used in the AWS cloud where we had our test topology. Then came the idea: Why not create a more generalized business for “Netwo...

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Redundancy in the AWS VPC

Mar 22, 2018 | by Jeff Loughridge

IT workloads require uninterrupted connectivity whether in the cloud or physical data centers. Network engineers know from experience that the elimination of single points of failure in the network is the key to high availability. One Internet edge router? Let’s make that two with one ISP circuit homed to each. Think you can get away with one core switch in your data center? Think again. Network engineers–much to the bean counters’ dismay–zealously add redundant network ...

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The March Toward Simplicity in Cloud Networking

Feb 24, 2018 | by Jeff Loughridge

The networking aspect of cloud networking is complex. Does it have to be? I’ll use this post to explain the complexities and how the industry is incentivized to simplify the secure and reliable movement of bits. I’ll primarily focus on AWS as it is the company is the industry leader. Developers familiar with public cloud generally know how to set-up simple topologies such as a VPC with public and private subnets. The providers make this easy with console wizards and sampl...

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AWS Availibility Zone Naming & Networking

Feb 13, 2018 | by Jeff Loughridge

AWS uses names such as us-west-1a to refer to a given availability zone (AZ) in a region. What you may not know is that AZ naming is intentionally inconsistent across accounts. In other words, the us-west-1a in the Konekti AWS production account is not necessarily the same as the us-west-1a in your account. AWS uses this to load balance workloads across accounts. Otherwise, the “1a” AZ in a region would receive more than its share of the load. This nondeterministic naming ...

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AWS CloudFormation Intrinsic Functions

Jan 24, 2018 | by Jeff Loughridge

AWS CloudFormation is a tool to create a template for your infrastructure. You can define AWS constructs using JSON or YAML. AWS’s documentation is well-suited for explaining the basic functionality and simple resource creation. After creating a few stacks, a newcomer would likely want to learn how to increase template portability and re-use with intrinsic functions. At this point, the reference material may be a bit daunting. This article will introduce CloudFormation in...

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