Phase I

Strategy and Planning

During the Strategy and Planning phase, we orchestrate strategic planning sessions to
determine the optimal path towards a successful cloud implementation
Set Goals

We work with your team to define clear & measurable goals for the cloud implementation; which drive the design and deployment efforts, ensuring that they align with your business strategy

Choose the Right Cloud

We assist in identifying the most suitable cloud service provider and deployment model, considering your specific business requirements, budget constraints, and preferred level of control and customization

Develop Migration Plan

We develop a comprehensive migration strategy, outlining the steps for a smooth cloud transition that minimizes downtime, ensures business continuity, & identifies potential risks / mitigation strategies

Phase II


During the Requirements Gathering Phase, we bring your team together for a requirements gathering and discovery workshop 

Current State

Konekti thoroughly evaluates your current design and deployment state, considering efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment with business goals

Key Items

We identify key application requirements, addressing concerns and acknowledging constraints, which can influence the success of design, development, and deployment

Phase III

Architecture Design And Deployment

Konekti works closely with your team to architect complete and secure cloud environments for web services.
Typical implementations include some, or all, of the following deliverables

Architecture Guidance

Guidance on best architectural approach to organize and manage a growing number of function specific environments

Compliance & Security Guidance

Guidance on deployment of relevant compliance and security tool


Infrastructure as Code (IAC) templates to automate the infrastructure deployment and disaster recovery


Secure, scalable networking infrastructure for large scale hybrid & multi-cloud cases

ID Management

Centralized Identity management or integration with an external identity service


Firewall appliance deployment that adheres to industry reference architectures

Audit Safeguards

Safeguards that enable audit readiness for common compliance standards (GDPR, HITRUST, HIPAA, ISO, PCI and SOC)

Phase IV

Handoff and Follow-up

Once your environment has been built according to best practices, Konekti hands it over to your team and
provides post-handoff support

This includes a detailed walk-through and comprehensive documentation of your as-built environment, along with documentation and videos on how to manage/operate the environment

Konekti can also provide post-handoff support, typically via scheduled sessions for follow-up questions

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