The Client

A company in the IOT space was forced to operate with a fully remote work force following the events of March 2020. Its developers needed a way to securely access resources across multiple clouds and a database in a colocation facility. Within the public clouds, the company maintained ten VPCs that performed various aspects of IOT device management.

“The shift to remote work forced us to address the way in which our developers did their work. We were fortunate to have Konekti as a trusted partner in implementing a SASE solution that met our requirements for secure connectivity.”

Owner of IOT Company

The Brief

Prior to this engagement, the company relied exclusively on the public Internet for accessing cloud resources. It lacked a mechanism for centrally managing access. When developers and contractors were brought on board or exited, the company used a manual process to add or remove users.

The Solution


The Delivery

Konekti engineers delivered a secure, cloud-based management access solution at a drastically lower cost than the traditional VPN option.

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