Increasingly enterprise applications run in the cloud as SaaS applications and more workloads live in public cloud IaaS platforms. In addition, more and more employees work from home from where they routinely access the cloud.  Backhauling traffic to a centralized hub for security inspection undermines performance for SaaS applications while pushing security inspection out to the offices fails to address the mobile user’s security needs.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a new model for network security that is shaping the way organizations will secure their networks and data in the upcoming years, combining network and security functionality into a unified global cloud-based service. SASE has become a hot buzzword as plenty of vendors have slapped the term SASE onto their offerings. As a result, enterprises are faced with the challenge of sorting through the hype to identify which vendors can truly meet their requirements.

Konekti’s SASE Kickstarter solution enables your enterprise to benefit from the potential of SASE by asking the right questions and providing the key criteria by which to evaluate SASE providers as well as assisting with implementation and management of the selected SASE solution.

How It Works

Initially, Konekti will bring your various teams together for a requirement gathering and discovery workshop to assess the current state of your access network and identify key requirements, concerns, and constraints. Once Konekti has completed the assessment it works closely with your team to choose and implement your SASE environment, leveraging Konekti’s extensive experience is large scale networks and cloud networking as well as its partnerships with major SASE providers such as ZScaler, Palo Alto Networks, Opaq (Fortinet) and Premiter81.

What Konekti Will Deliver


Konekti begins with a discovery workshop to assess your current remote access architecture and identify key requirements for your connecting entities:

  • Analysis of current VPN/access solution and feature set

  • Type of connecting entities (remote users, branches, devices, etc.) as well as their current number, growth projections and geographical locations

  • Locations of data and workloads (SaaS providers, on-premise, cloud VPC, etc.)

  • Application performance and availability requirements

  • Security and compliance requirements


Konekti consultants will assist with building of your SASE environment, prioritizing efficiency and ease for your team:

  • User and device configuration

  • Agent installation and delivery

  • Agentless access configuration

  • Configuration of secure tunnels from SASE network to existing security/SD-WAN devices

  • Configuration of user and application policies

  • Configuration of advanced features such as BGP peering


Konekti hands over your best practice SASE environment along with a detailed walk-through and documentation.

Management (Optional)

With this option, Konekti assumes the day to day operation of your new SASE network through providing advanced configuration, provisioning new applications, response and mitigation of events from the activity logs as well as response to new security incidents.

Konekti partners with customers to fast-track and modernize their remote work force access strategy with a SASE solution that provides full visibility into every endpoint and component on the network, along with risk monitoring and enforcement capabilities.