At Konekti, our goal is to protect your network from cyberattacks and improve your overall security posture. We provide solutions that allow organization to safely deploy business critical applications. In addition, we will work with your network and security teams to create scalable solutions for connecting branches, users and devices to your applications and data, wherever they may reside. Konekti is an industry leader in network security design and implementation with focus in the following areas:

Application Visibility and Next-generation Firewalls

  • Creation of high-level network security architecture in order to achieve application visibility and workload segmentation.

  • Creation of resilient architectures for insertion of application-aware firewalls into public cloud VPC environments.

  • Configuration of next-generation firewalls in order to prevent a wide variety of exploits, malware and botnets.

  • Large scale site-to-site VPN architectures and routing

  • Solutions to ingest network traffic flow logs from multiple sources, aimed at gaining deep visibility into network behavior.

Cloud native security solutions for containers and hosts

  • Micro-segmentation at the container and host levels with cloud native application firewalls (CNAF).

  • Deployment of Runtime Application Self-protection (RASP) in order to  ensure containers, execute as designed, protecting them from suspicious processes and outbound network connections.

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

  • Creation of high-level architecture for hybrid and multi-cloud network to deliver visibility and control.

  • Creation of scalable secure cloud architectures using cloud native constructs such as VPC peering, Transit VPCs, Direct Connect, AWS PrivateLink, and Transit Gateways.

  • Guidance on deploy of Cloud Service Provider (CSP) native network security tools


  • Design an overall access architecture based on Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and “Zero Trust” principles.

  • Leverage partnerships with major SASE providers such as Zscaler, Palo Alto Networks, Opaq, Premiter81 and Cisco Systems to match customers to the best SASE solution, reducing costs by facilitating competition among SASE solutions.

  • Assist with configuration and operations of the SASE-based access solution, prioritizing efficiency and ease of use.

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