VPC Ingress Routing Diagram

VPC Ingress Routing – Reducing the Friction in Integrating Security Appliances

Designing cloud infrastructures that include security appliances for traffic inspection is easier following Amazon’s introduction of a feature called VPC Ingress Routing. In this article and accompanying video, I’ll examine the feature and how you can use it to force inbound traffic though security appliances. Companies that operate in highly regulated environments frequently require security […]


What AWS Customer Should Know About the AWS Global Backbone

At re:Invent, various Amazon speakers tout the security, availability, and performance of the AWS Global Backbone, a private Internet Protocol (IP) network purpose-built for moving customer data across the world. The talks are pure gold for network engineers as Amazon is very transparent in discussing the design of the backbone. Why should AWS customers care […]


The Reality of Hybrid IT for the Enterprise

Looking back over the last several years, we’ve seen we’ve seen considerable hype surrounding companies going “all-in” on the public cloud. Large companies such as Capital One and Netflix are industry leaders in this respect and deservingly so. The effort involved is monumental and its effect on IT consumption within those organizations is transformational. For […]