Konekti’s Take on re:Invent 2018

re:Invent 2018 was a blast! It’s great to have an event in which so many members of the AWS ecosystem assemble each year. This was my second re:Invent conference. I am impressed at the logistical improvements Amazon made. With so many attendees, it’s definitely a challenge navigating the events. I highly recommend attending the chalk talks as these are not recorded.

The most relevant announcements from what we do at Konekti follow.

  • Shared VPCs – You can now share components of the VPC such as EC2 instances and subnets between accounts. This feature is helpful in simplifying cross-account VPC designs.
  • AWS Outposts – Amazon is invading the on-premise data center in a big way. At Konekti, we’ve always recognized that hybrid IT is here to stay.
  • AWS Transit Gateway – The Transit Gateway represents a massive simplification for VPC design at scale. The component is currently regional in nature and does not easily integrate with Direct Connect (DX). DX support is planned for 1Q 2019.

Expect to see more extended looks at these features in future posts.

I’ll close the post with a few pictures from the event.

See you at re:Invent 2019!


Jeff Loughridge

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