From choosing the correct architecture and to building cloud-based solutions that delivers your strategic business needs, we believe no two cloud migrations are the same. Konekti will meet you where you are in your cloud journey and guide you in implementing the correct solution. We believe in a methodical approach in migration to public cloud involving the following steps:

Business Case Generation

  • Define how to support your digital transformation strategy and generate value for the business, developing the business case for moving to the cloud

  • Create a governance structure that suits a business’ long-term plans and cybersecurity maturity of the organization

  • Determining the overall strategy on how to meet compliance requirements


  • Clarify how to transform security into a digital model

  • Determine your sourcing approach and when to leverage a managed services provider

  • Define and prioritize which workloads to move, working with stakeholders to prioritize application and business requirements

  • Redefine DevOps process

  • Redefine support processes


  • Create reference architecture for cloud services that meet business, compliance and resiliency requirements

  • Establish identity management policy

  • Migrate applications with the goal of minimizing application down time

  • Determine data classification and storage policy and ensure encryption

  • Develop posture management and continuous visibility using the CSP provided tools or best of third part solutions


  • Adjust security operations, incident response and forensics based on experience gained from the security and posture management tools

  • Establish configuration management using revision control and automation
  • Define and monitor cost management strategy, perform ongoing optimization

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