Traditional, site-centric VPNs connecting enterprise data centers to users and branches are becoming obsolete.  Backhauling traffic to a headquarter-based hub for security inspection undermines performance for SaaS applications, while pushing security inspection out to the branches fails to address the mobile users’ security needs. Not to mention that legacy VPNs typically require hours of manual configuration, are subject to outages and do not provide clear network visibility. In order to effectively secure so much data in so many places, choosing a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) that delivers all the necessary technology from the cloud is key.

SASE has become such a hot buzzword, forcing enterprises to sort through the hype to identify which vendors can truly meet their requirements. Konekti’s SASE solution is powered by Perimeter 81, a leader and innovator in the SASE space, covering the following critical areas of a typical implementation:

  • AWS VPC connection through one or more of the following end-points
    • AWS VPN Gateway
    • AWS Transit Gateway
    • Third-party security appliances
    • Dedicated virtual machine using the WireGuard protocol
  • Connection to firewalls in the data center for hybrid cloud deployments
  • Assistance with agent installation and delivery
  • Agentless access configuration
  • Configuration of user and application policies
  • Configuration of advanced features such as BGP peering and policies
  • (Optional) Management of the Perimeter 81 solution
    • Configuration and provisioning of new applications
    • Response and mitigation of events from the activity logs
    • Response to new security incidents

Konekti partners with customers to fast-track and modernize their remote workforce access strategy with Perimeter 81’s SASE solution. We make the creation and management of Perimeter 81 solution seamless and cost-effective through a well-designed delivery process that includes the following key activities:



Konekti begins with a discovery workshop to assess your current remote access architecture and identify key requirements for your connecting entities:

  • Analysis of current VPN/access solution and feature set
  • Type of connecting entities (remote users, branches, devices, etc.) as well as their current number, growth projections and geographical locations
  • Locations of data and workloads (SaaS providers, Data Center, Cloud VPC, etc.)
  • Application performance and availability requirements
  • Security and compliance requirements


Konekti works closely with your team to design an overall access architecture based on “Zero Trust” principles. A Perimeter 81 based SASE architecture allows us to meet your business’s network and security goals since it meets the following five critical requirements:

1. A Global Footprint
2. Advanced security inspection and policy enforcement
3. Dense and low latency peering with other internet and cloud providers
4. Cloud-native features such as automated deployment, elastic scaling and seamless recovery
5. “Zero Trust” approach to the cloud where it removes trust assumptions


Konekti will assist with the building of your Perimeter 81 SASE environment, prioritizing efficiency and ease for your team.

Management (Optional)

With this option, Konekti assumes the day to day operation of your new SASE network through providing advanced configuration, provisioning new applications,  response and mitigation of events from the activity logs as well as response to new security incidents.

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